Litter E

Litter E

Sired by Brookhaven Spencer at Wynsome and Dimari Bacall

Born 10-17-2012

All puppies in the E litter are placed.

 E Litter at 9 weeks

2 Black and Tan – male and female; 2 Ruby – male and female; 1 male Tri-color


Dimari Ebony                                           Ebony on 11/19/2012


Dimari Elvis                                            Elvis on 11/19/2012


Dimari Ember                                          Ember on 11/19/2012


Dimari Elmo                                              Elmo on 11/19/2012


Dimari Elmer                                             Elmer at 11/19/2012


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Brookhaven Spencer at Wynsome
CH Pascavale Pancho, ROM
Eng CH Pascavale Enchanted
Eng CH Winnie at Pascavale
Brookhaven Ante Up
CH Craigowl Jesmond
Luxxar Lolita
Dimari Bacall
CH Pascavale Bruce
Eng CH Craigowl Billy Elliot
Pascavale Loretta
Amantra Pansy
Amantra Pluto
Amantra Cleopatra